The medical community agrees that salmon is a healthy protein source that could help feed the world. Unfortunately, global over fishing has been systematically depleting wild salmon supplies. In answer to the problem, salmon farms have been developed to raise healthy supplies. Because producing healthy fish requires high standards, many salmon producers are now members of the GSI, or Global Salmon Initiative. They work together to maintain sustainable salmon farming that benefits consumers and the planet.

The Logic Behind The Organization

Officially the Global Salmon Initiative defines itself as a leadership initiative created by worldwide farmed salmon producers who want to make significant progress toward industry sustainability. The group has committed to a goal of providing a sustainable source of healthy food. They are working to feed an increasing world population and, at the same time, minimizing the environmental footprint of the industry. The organization also constantly strives to improve their social contribution.

Half of Salmon Farmers Are Members

Members of the Global Salmon Initiative estimate that, based on production, about 50% of farm salmon producers are committed to their goals. Members of the organization include, but are not limited to Los Fiordos, Bakkafrost, Blumar, Cermaq, Empresas AquaChile, Marine Harvest and New Zealand King Salmon.

Global Partners Share Principles

Because salmon farming can impact the environment, Global Salmon Initiatives members are working toward complete transparency on issues that impact sustainability. These include nutrient loading, raw materials and feed, parasite and disease transfer as well as impact on local environments. The group also encourages transparency in reporting chemical inputs and impact on communities and labor. Members work closely with national associations and consider collaboration with them critical to success. The organization hopes to continually share knowledge in order to make improvements in the industry, with an emphasis on environmental impact as well as social contributions and impact.

Although farmed salmon offers an ideal way to provide the world with lean protein, raising the fish can impact the environment. As a result, many farmed salmon producers are part of a Global Salmon Initiative designed to encourage accountability and constantly improve the industry. Members share knowledge with each other and national associations.